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Three Industry


Shilin Jinyuan carnation Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shilin carnation Park")

       Shilin Jinyuan carnation Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, covers an area of 4160 mu. At present, it has a high standard flower base of more than 2000 mu. The annual output of fresh cut flowers accounts for an important part of the Yunnan market, and the carnation output is far ahead. The park adopts the concept and mode of industrial park to strengthen the modern flower Industrial Park and build it into an operational public service platform. To realize that the output of carnation, Gerbera and Eustoma occupy the main market of Yunnan, to become a model park for the industrialization of fresh cut flowers in the world and a large-scale flower industry base in Asia. In combination with the group company's flower sea project in Shilin Yi Township, the Shilin Jinyuan flower Industrial Park will be built into a key tourist attraction in Shilin County and a national excellent ecological agricultural sightseeing base.

Anning northward Flower Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Anning rose park")

       Anning rose park, with an investment of more than 100 million yuan and an area of 3000 mu, is a modern and industrial demonstration base focusing on roses, integrating variety display, research and development, production, standardized production of fresh cut flowers, and post harvest processing. It is also an important part of Anning modern agricultural demonstration zone.

       Anning park will further increase investment to realize the expansion and upgrading of intensive processing industry of flower industry, and combine the project of Anning rose town of the group company to build Anning Park into a comprehensive industrial group integrating production, processing, sightseeing, entertainment, leisure, health preservation, vacation, experience, catering and other production and services.

Fine coffee Industrial Park

       Fine coffee processing park is an important part of Yunnan Coffee Trading Center, and also the main service support system of Yunnan coffee industry. The park integrates primary processing, coffee storage, entry of high-quality processing enterprises, research and development of terminal products, and training of high-tech talents. By gathering innovative resources, connecting production areas and integrating international resources, the park will drive the adjustment and upgrading of Pu'er coffee industry and make Yunnan coffee industry stronger and bigger.

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