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Two Platform


Flower auction and trading center

       Kunming International Flower Auction Trading Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kunming Flower Auction Center, KIFA) was established in 2001. It is a large-scale enterprise integrating flower auction trading, flower standard promotion, new variety introduction, information service, etc. its trading scale ranks first in Asia and third in the world. The company covers an area of 147 mu, has a trading venue of 55000 square meters, has two auction and trading halls, nine electronic trading clocks and 900 trading seats, which can meet the transaction scale of 8-10 million branches per day. KIFA has more than 25000 growers (suppliers) members and more than 3100 purchasers from all over the country. It has formed a flower trading product group mainly composed of roses, gerberas, stars and carnations, supplemented by more than 100 other categories, with an average daily trading volume of 3-3.5 million branches, and the daily trading scale in peak period has exceeded 8 million branches. The company has also been recognized as the national "AAA" auction enterprise, the national top ten flower wholesale market, the key innovation market of the Ministry of Commerce, the typical successful model market of China's agricultural product wholesale industry, the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Yunnan Province, the key enterprise of flower industry in Yunnan Province, and the public service platform of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yunnan Province. "KIFA" registered trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China; general standard for flower product quality grade of Kunming Flower Auction Center was listed as the ministerial standard by the Ministry of Commerce in 2014. After more than ten years of development, Kunming Flower Auction Center has become a national flower price forming center, market information service center, logistics distribution center and Flower Service Center.

Coffee Trading Center

       Founded in 2014, Yunnan Coffee Trading Center (yCe) is a key project of Yunnan provincial government, including "a coffee trading headquarters, a boutique processing park, three coffee collection centers, and a coffee delivery warehouse". It uses modern electronic information technology to gather global trading coffee resources for trading, with the purpose of realizing spot trading of coffee products To provide a "one-stop" transaction supporting service integrating information, exhibition, auction, settlement, warehousing, logistics financing and other services, and to provide a third-party transaction platform with open information, fair transaction, perfect service and fast procedures for the global coffee industry.

One Center


Three Industry