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Group culture


Enterprise development concept:gather the power of innovation and growth of flower industry and build a business-oriented public service platform

Innovation, modern agricultural industry convergence and growth

Enterprise vision: establish a public service platform of modern agricultural industry with plateau characteristics to become an operator and service provider of modern agriculture with plateau characteristics

Enterprise core values: common innovation, development and sharing

Enterprise management concept: integrated development of innovative industries

Enterprise management concept: the value of decision-making implementation responsibility

Enterprise prospect: Jinyuan flower is committed to becoming the operator and service provider of modern agricultural industry with plateau characteristics. With the strategic goal of "building platform, operating and serving", it will gradually extend from "cloud flower" to "cloud coffee", "cloud tea" and other related agricultural industries, lead the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries of modern agricultural industry with plateau characteristics, and strive to create plateau characteristics Comprehensive service platform for modern agricultural industry.

Strategic objectives of the enterprise: to build a platform, operate and serve